Safety Tips

Mohabbatein understands the value of a secure relationship for its users, and that is why it is always focused on serving for the interest of its members. And while it aims at providing the best it can, it expects you to play a small part in making the entire dating experience with Mohabbatein a rewarding one for yourself. This part you play is nothing but that of your own well-wisher. Mohabbatein, no doubt, does everything to ensure secure interactions and connections for its users while they are online, but keeping their offline activities under the radar is not feasible. Hence, being watchful is your key to a great online as well as offline dating experience.

Your well-being is important to us, so we are pointing out a few safety tips that you should follow to avoid any unnecessary trouble-

Be watchful of your offline behaviour!

Your offline behaviour is off Mohabbatein’s scanner. Hence, you should use your own judgment while establishing any offline connection with your dating partner. Here are the thumb rules you can choose to follow-

* Are you dating the right person? - Acquaint yourself well with the person you are talking too.Take time, feel comfortable about the person, do your own research and find out more about the person before agreeing to meet them.

* Stay under the public radar- Is your partner keen on meeting secretly- in far off places or eerie deserted buildings? This could very well be a red flag about their intentions. And that is why it’s of the utmost importance that you keep meeting them in public places until you have developed enough trust on them to say yes to a private meeting.

* Let your friends and family members know about your plans- Tell your family members or close friends about your date plans. Always keep in contact and let them know where you are going to be at all times. This is to ensure they can come for your help,if anything goes wrong.

* Never ask for a ride- If you are meeting a new friend you found online, it would be best for you to arrange for a means of transportation to the destination. We suggest you refrain from being picked up by the person you are meeting. If required, ask your friend to offer you a ride. And after you are done with the meeting, don’t let the person you met drop you home. Don’t say ‘yes,’ no matter how much they insist.

* Being nice yet sober- Staying sober doesn’t mean you are unattractive. It just means you are more in control of yourself. Don’t go overboard with anything including alcohol. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you must drink, drink within your limit.

Take Care of your Health!

Relationships can escalate from casual to serious to more serious with physical involvement. If you have reached that ultimate stage and have decided to engage in sexual activities with your partner, you should invariably keep the following points in mind-

* Use protection- Don’t forget to protect yourself while having a physical relationship. Use of condoms, contraceptives and other protective measures is highly advisable.

* Be truthful- Don’t be hesitant to talk about anything- starting from how many partners you have had sex with in the past, to STDs. If you or your partner is suffering from some STD, the best bet would be to urgently seek medical advice and get it treated before engaging in sexual intercourse. This will make sure, neither of you get re-infected.

* Be aware of your current health condition- If you are not sure as to whether or not you are suffering from any STD, it would be ideal for you to get it tested. Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the lab report so that further actions may be planned. If you are suffering from an STD and are worried about it, then keep calm and consult your doctor; most STDs are curable these days.